Corner House

Photograph by Christoffer Rudquist

Davenies School

Covert House

Photograph by Hélène Binet

Triple success for London Met tutors at RIBA Awards 2016

Three prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects Regional Awards have been awarded to London Met tutors in 2016.

DSDHA Directors Deborah Saunt and David Hills, who teach on the Postgraduate Diploma Unit 11: Cultural Infrastructure at The Cass, have been awarded the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Regional Award 2016 for three of their most recent projects.

The trio of projects – Corner House, Davenies School and Covert House – were commended by judges for their striking designs.

Corner House – a beautiful six-storey, mixed-use brickwork building for Derwent London – was defined by judges as an "exemplar of how apparent ordinariness can be lifted to an enjoyable and delightful piece of townscape and equally a place to live in Fitzrovia, Central London."

Davenies School is a sensitive yet "uncompromisingly contemporary" extension for this progressive school in Beaconsfield, where waney edge craftsmanship meets the precision of a prefabricated timber system. It was described as "a robust and joyful scheme which challenges the notion of what education buildings are and can be."

Covert House – an experimental, semi-underground concrete cottage in a backland site in Central London – was deemed a “brilliant response to planning issues, providing a model for sensitive densification”

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