Dr Stirbu participates in round table consultation with Welsh Secretary for State

Dr Diana Stirbu engaged as a participant in a round table discussion with the Secretary of State for Wales, Stephen Crabb, as part of consultations on the Draft Wales Bill.

Following the submission of joint written evidence with Professor Laura McAllister from the University of Liverpool to the National Assembly for Wales Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee and the Welsh Affairs Select Committee in Westminster, Dr Diana Stirbu, a senior lecturer in the Masters of Public Administration Programme, participated in a round-table discussion organised by the Secretary of State for Wales, Stephen Crabb. The consultation brings together academics involved in the study of Welsh devolution.

Dr Stirbu has been conducting longitudinal research (solely and jointly) on evolution of the National Assembly for Wales and on the unfolding of the devolution process in Wales for nearly a decade. She has been actively involved in various stages of the Welsh constitutional development by participating in consultation exercises, providing expert advice and disseminating research.

Dr Diana Stirbu in a roundtable discussion with Welsh Secretary for State, Stephen Crabb