London Met graduate: "Don’t follow the herd"

Victor Goncalves Maldonado offers his advice to new students, as he graduates with a first-class Economics and Finance BSc.

Date: 25 July 2022

When Victor Goncalves Maldonado was asked how it felt to reach the end of his Economics and Finance BSc, he said it was “a feeling of ‘mission accomplished’. I worked hard for it, and I managed to get a first-class honours degree.

“I went from being someone with a below average mathematics background, to one of the students with the best marks in quantitative subjects.”

His success in his course has also boosted his confidence. “I feel a different man,” he said, “a developed one.”

The best thing about London Met for him was the access to “very good resources. We had access to the Bloomberg terminal, subscriptions to the Financial Times and access to the impressive library. What’s more, the professors are very helpful. The University offers many opportunities to students who really work hard – success coach programs, for example.”

Living in the vibrant capital city as well, offered huge benefits for Victor. “London is multicultural, with people from all different countries and cultures. The city is alive, and has many opportunities especially in the financial industry.”

Asked what advice he would give to current or future students, he recommended surrounding yourself with those who keep you focused. “Do not follow the herd,” he said. “Make friends with everyone, but be close to those who really want to succeed and take the degree seriously.”

Victor Maldonado

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