Designing the CASS Summer Show 2014

Bringing students & alumni on board to design, curate & build CASS 2014: The CASS 2014 Summer Show Project Team

Date: 31 July 2014

For this year's CASS Summer Show 2014, the Faculty did something completely different!

Drawing excited, experienced & able designers & makers together from our own student and alumni CASS group, the Faculty along with the Design/shift Project team harnessed the ideas, knowledge, skills and assistance of some of our valued students and alumni to help us to design and install a new look (and amazing) exhibition show design.

Using the fabulous ideas and hard work of 4 new CASS project assistants, the Faculty saw a brilliant execution of the enormous task that is the CASS Summer Show. 

Using a skilled graphic designer, we redesigned our wayfinding & public graphics and posters. Alongside, the team of very capable and hard working curators, furniture designers/makers and jewellers reimagined our public spaces including a street festival and curated front of house displays.

Through hard work & lots of fun, this was undoubtedly a fantastically successful collaboration. Providing a career development opportunity for students and alumni to design & curate a large scale public event, the team learnt the ropes and made our best show yet!

We look forward to collaborating again on many more future projects.

Thank you to everybody (all 1000 students and staff) that made 2014 CASS Summer Show so special!

Show Entrance - Central House


 Show Entrance
Show Entrance - Loby Central House

Loby Central House 

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