Group photography exhibition curated by Heather McDonough for Photomonth.

Exhibition extended to Monday, 30 November

Come and meet the artists in The Cass Foyer Gallery and learn more about the work featured in this exhibition on Monday, 30 November, between 4:00pm – 8:00pm.

Have tea, cake and wine to celebrate this excellent collection of work!

CoAxial |kəʊˈaksɪəl: adjective
having a common axis

Brought together and curated by Heather McDonough, this exhibition seeks to find connections and threads of different artists. It presents works that have history, place and intrigue.

During Photomonth, The Cass is pleased to present CoAxial, a playful yet thought-provoking exhibition of photographic works, projections, sculpture and installations by 12 artists from the UK, USA, Mexico, Italy and Germany.

This group of artists revolves around a common axis—the sense of Home: a constant; a conduit of memory, of shared threads that pull us back to a place and time; the point in the familial scenery on which we focus. It brings together ideas around landscape and memory, on disappearance and roots.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Susan Andrews
  • Jacquline Daly
  • Robin Grierson
  • Fiona Yaron-Field
  • Cecilia Hurtado
  • Anna Krieps
  • Rosy Martin
  • Heather McDonough
  • Roy Mehta
  • Lisa Rigolli
  • Adele Watts
  • Mick Williamson

For more information, details of exhibition events and to obtain press images, please contact:
Tel: +44 (0)7899 870984

Celia Hurtado's work

News details

Dates 6 - 27 November 2015
P.V. 5 November, 5.30pm-8.30pm
Venue Foyer Gallery, Central House