Catching up with multimedia graduate Tobrise Chinosa

What has Tobrise Chinosa been up to since he graduated from London Met ten years ago?

Date: 26 July 2014

Tobrise Chinosa studied BSc Multimedia at London Metropolitan University and graduated in 2004. He’s since put his skills to good use by starting his own photography and video service Victor Rose.

There have been many highlights along the way including filming their first wedding, being the official media partner of the MG Cars convention in 2011, and combining with Shortlist magazine on a series of video projects.

“We’ve had a great run and no two days are ever the same, which is why I like it,” says Tobrise. “The course at London Met really channeled my interest in video and photography, and made me more aware of how to work to a client’s brief.”

The company is called Victor Rose because Victor is Tobrise’s middlename and Rose symbolises English heritage.

Tobrise has also set about passing the skills he learned at London Met onto the next generation.

“I started running workshops for kids in their school holidays so that they could learn all about video production. They really enjoy it and are excited by the fact that this is what I do as a job. More and more businesses are turning to video so it’s a great thing to pass on – and they enjoy it too.”

London Met gave Tobrise more than just a degree – he reconnected with his partner Joyce.

For more information about Tobrise’s services, visit the Victor Rose website.

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