Cass students to work with leading designers during this year’s Summer Show

The Cass Hothouse is hosting five workshops which allow students, staff and alumni to explore visual communications further.

Date: 6 June 2016

For the second year running, the Cass Hothouse will be hosting a series of workshops to run alongside the annual 2016 Summer Show.

The workshops will each take a different theme to explore questions and enable students, staff and alumni to develop their critical thinking skills.

Designers Stephanie von Reiswitz, Anna Lomax, Baxter and Bailey, Clayton Welham and Europa will be hosting the five workshops. All details, including how to book your free place, are on the Hothouse page.

Clayton Welham will be presenting a workshop exploring the visual impact of sound on 10 June. It will offer an insight into live performance, visual sync and bespoke electronics.

Designer Stephanie von Reiswitz will be hosting ‘Le Gun,’ a collaborative drawing workshop with the focus of creating a unique drawing with a punk, occult, pop and surrealist design. This will be held on 11 June.

A third workshop will be based on the theme of Trooping the Colour, as the annual parade is held on the same day. There will be a focus on the ideas of routine, repetition, formation, finery, spectacle, structure and performance. The session will be hosted by Anna Lomax, a London based maker and collector, on 13 June.

Graphic design company, Europa, will be hosting ‘A Sign of the Times,’ which will be twisting, inverting and reinterpreting the meaning of found signs and symbols with the aim of creating an alternative system of signs for the future.

The final workshop will be held on 16 June by Baxter and Bailey, a design company based in Brighton. ‘The Truth about Brands’ will look into the hidden meaning behind brands which will be chosen by attendees. There will be the chance to re-write its manifesto to more accurately reflect the truth.

All sessions are held in the Cass’s Hothouse studio located in Central House, at the Aldgate campus.

You can find out more information on the Cass events page.