Cass Music Showcase

Cass Music and Fine Art students, in collaboration, showcase their inter-disciplinary work in The Parker Gallery.

The Cass Music Showcase is an event created by Cass Music in collaboration with students of Fine Arts to exhibit some of their best works and make connections with students from other disciplines.

This event is a celebration of what we do best: Art.

The events will consist of a live performance by Abigail Redmont-Best, third year Music Production student, and two DJ sets performed by Thomas Ingram and Daniel McNougher, students from Music Production. The music will be supported by visual art works realised by students from Fine Art; with works by video artists Constantine Elijah and Andrew Stevenson, a light installation created by Richard Taylor, and paintings by Daniel Haycock.

The event will take place at the Parker Gallery in Commercial Road and will include a visual display on the street in front of the building. The event will be streamed live so that people walking past have the opportunity to listen to the show on their smartphone or tablet.

The Cass Music Showcase is an opportunity to view and listen to some of the works created by students of London Metropolitan University, to meet students from other disciplines and celebrate our diversity.

Image Credit: Martin Klimas

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Location Parker Gallery, 41/71 Commercial Road, E1 1LA
Date Wednesday, 2 December, 5-9pm
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