Cass Flash//Fwd: Lecture by Bryan Holmes

Bryan Holmes is a Chilean music composer, researcher and producer.

Bryan Holmes is a Chilean music composer, researcher and producer, living in Brazil since 2006. He lectures at University of Rio de Janeiro on subjects such as music technology, electroacoustic and experimental composition, orchestration and analysis. Between 2009 and 2013 he worked at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music, where he was head of Music Technology Department. His works have been awarded internationally and performed in at least 15 countries.
His talk will encompass the discussion of technical and aesthetic views involved in the realization of Arak Saya, an electroacoustic work commissioned by the Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts. Conceived for electroacoustic means and “tarka” – a native Andean wind instrument – it will be performed by the composer himself.
Bryan is in the UK for the first international performances of this work during the Sonorities Festival, to be held in London and Belfast.
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Date Monday 20 April at 1pm
Location Commercial Rd, Room CR6-08