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Students have recently benefited from activities in collaboration with the London Metropolitan University Accelerator and Enterprise areas.

Date: 13 February 2014

Students from courses in our School of Design have recently benefited from activities in collaboration with the London Metropolitan University Accelerator and Enterprise areas.

Eerika Leino, on a joint Textiles and Fashion Marketing course, is working towards the launch of her own brand, Vélorous (a mix of words "vélo", a bicycle in french, and valorous, a synonym for bold, adventurous, fearless). Eerika, a passionate cyclist, is creating her new brand which will target female cyclists and provide new trendy clothing specifically made for cycling.

Jewellery designers Tania Bryson, Sophie Todd, Lucy Campen and Caroline Jackson tested their plans for new company Flock Jewellery in December. They took the opportunity to set up a stall at the Christmas Market run by the London Metropolitan Entrepreneurs Society. These four friends will launch Flock Jewellery as a full-time business after graduating from The Cass. As well as continuing to do markets across London, they are in the process of opening an etsy shop selling a selection of our Jewellery and on the 27th of February are holding an exhibition which will take place in Jaguar Shoes, Shoreditch

Finally, Sandra Suchocka E Silva, a Graphic Design student, participated in a 2 week placement with the Enterprise Team for module credit. In her short time there she was able to reinvent the brand package, events, and marketing materials as well as creating a logo that wasn’t part of our branding at Accelerator but was for the new student led enterprise group for Cass Students OurCASS. Much of her work will be appearing on the walls around campus and across our social media channels very soon

You can read interviews with all of these students at The Accelerator Blog.

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