Case studies on sustainability in the food industry

A new book co-edited by London Met academic Dr Samuel Idowu has been published by Springer.

Date: 6 May 2022

Dr Samuel Idowu, a Senior Accounting and Corporate Social Responsibility lecturer at London Met, has co-edited a handbook of case studies to be used as an essential resource for sustainable food production and consumption.

Taking research from 16 countries across the world, the handbook covers a wide range of food industry sectors. Increasing our understanding of sustainability, the examples included in the book range from agriculture and fisheries, the supply chain, and wholesale and retail channels.

Dr Idowu has published over fifty articles in both professional and academic journals and contributed chapters in several edited books and is the Editor-in-Chief of three major global reference books by Springer – the Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility (ECSR), the Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility (DCSR) and the Encyclopaedia of Sustainable Management (ESM). He is also a series editor for Springer’s CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance books. 

Idowu and co-editor, Rene Schmidpeter explain in a preface to the book, “The world population continues to grow at an alarming rate year in year out. This is putting pressure on all global resources including the food we consume. It has been projected that the world population will grow from its current 7.8 billion to 8.1 billion in 2025. This will continue to add to the existing pressure on global resources, knowledge as they say is power! We need to understand how to cope and deal with all the challenges that accompany this and other aspects of the projected growth in terms of Sustainable Development and life in general terms on planet Earth.

“The intention of this Handbook is to codify sustainable cases in different areas of Sustainability in the Food Industry which involves Food Production and Consumption, Goal number 12 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The chapters in the book explore cases in different aspects of food provision - Farming and Fishing, Food Refining, Supply Chain - Wholesale and Retail Channels and other relevant aspects that improve our understanding of how sustainability is taking place in the global sector. 

“It is hoped that our global readers find the information the book provides of value to them up and down planet Earth.” 

Scholars from eleven countries contributed to the book - Spain, Bolivia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Romania, Nigeria, South Africa, Austria, Germany, Italy and Ghana.

Case Studies on Sustainability in the Food Industry: Dealing With a Rapidly Growing Population is available from Springer.


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