Careers in occupational psychology

Date: 27/01/2015

Professor Dean Bartlett, an occupational psychologist, gave an extremely informative lunchtime careers session to BA HRM students on careers available in occupational psychology. Dean explained what occupational psychologists do and set out the areas of practice in which they work, including: psychological assessment: learning, training and development; wellbeing at work; work design, organisational change and development; and leadership, motivation and engagement, and gave examples of the types of roles carried out.

Dean explained how to become an occupational psychologist so that students with BA HRM degrees who wish to take this forward as a career choice could undertake the necessary next steps in their education and training. He also spoke about examples of jobs that qualified occupational psychologists carried out in the public sector, in specialist consultancies and in organisations in different industries.

BA HRM students attend regular lunch and learn careers sessions as part of their course. These sessions address a wide range of different career choices.

Professor Dean Bartlett