Careers in HR: the value of the MA HRM

Career progression advice for HRM students

Date: 16/04/2015

Yvette Gyles, senior consultant at The Management Centre and alumna of the MA HRM course, gave an energising session to current and prospective MA HRM and PG DIP HRM students on the value of her MA in HRM to her career progression. Yvette began by asking the audience to introduce themselves and to let her know their burning questions to ensure that everyone had their career issues addressed. She went on to speak about her career progression from HR assistant through to HR manager and finally consultant, examined her motivations, her career steps and provided tips for getting up the career ladder.

Yvette explained how the MA HRM and her HR knowledge gave her the confidence to take her career forward. She also gave examples of how she had ensured she was promoted and given the roles that she wanted to do. With plenty of questions and an interactive environment, the session was immensely helpful to students in outlining career choices and how to improve their HR credibility and employability.

Students listening at a Guest Lecture