Campaign for connectedness and mental health during COVID-19

Jo Garner, Artist in Residence at The Cass, has launched a project focused on gaining a sense of community through badges during the pandemic.

Date: 20 April 2020

‘Fragile - Handle With Care’ is a Kickstarter campaign created by Jo Garner, Artist in Residence within the jewellery department at The Cass. Through producing accessible enamel badges, Jo aims to create a sense of community to those feeling fragile during the current coronavirus lockdown.

Jo says: “Right now, amidst everything that is happening with the COVID-19 virus, it seems that we all need to tap into a sense of connectedness and community. I'm a big fan of badges for many reasons: they're accessible, linked to your identity, and they play a vital role in providing a sense of belonging and community.

“Having good mental health is important for all of us, but we must also acknowledge that sometimes, no matter what we do, we still feel a little fragile, and that's okay. 

This pin is about owning that and wearing it. Being fragile and vulnerable makes us human, and that needs to be honoured. 

“It has been brilliant learning people's responses to the project and how they feel about mental health. The role of jewellery within that has also been really interesting and one which I hope to explore further.”

Within the first week of the campaign, Jo managed to exceed her goal of £300, and is currently sitting at £358 with six days to go. You can make a pledge to the campaign here.

The enamal badge that Jo Garner has created.