Brexit in the media and gender equality: a journey in Spain

Two London Met lecturers flew out to Spain last week to lecture on Brexit and careers coaching - and take a stand in favour of gender equality.

Date: 14 March 2019

Senior Journalism Lecturer Wendy Sloane and Course Leader in Business Management Bettina Coleman-Schoels, delivered lectures at London Met's partner university Cesine in Santander, Spain last week. Wendy's lecture covered how the UK media report Brexit and Bettina lectured on coaching and future career opportunities. 
It was the eighth trip to Santander for Sloane and the seventh for Coleman-Schoels, both of whom also spoke in depth to Cesine management, tutors and students about their courses.
But this trip was a little bit different. Apart from enjoying some winter sun, sea, sand and sangria, the two also participated in the local International Women's Day March, where protestors wore purple and protested in part against far-right party Vox, which wants a law against domestic violence enacted in 2004 to be scrapped.
The march began in central Santander and ended at the City Hall, which was lit up purple in commemoration. Protestors wore purple clothes and had purple women's symbols drawn on their faces, and some even had dyed their hair a bright lavender.
"It was good to see so many women and men protesting and expressing their views," said Coleman-Schoels. "It seemed very accepted and acceptable to go out on the streets to voice concerns, with everyone joining in. A lot of teenagers were there too, which was very refreshing."
The "feminist strike" attracted people from across the country who took part in an estimated 500 demonstrations nationwide, according to local media. The strike asked people to participate in a two-hour walk-out from public life, including jobs and shopping, and called for an end to the country's "machista" culture.
Wendy said: "Peaceful protest is always worthwhile, and it's fantastic when people are not complacent. People came together all over the world on March 8th to help make it more egalitarian, and we were glad to be there."