BMA Book Award win for London Met academic

'Young Adult Drinking Styles', a title lead edited by London Met’s Dr Dom Conroy won in the Awards' Psychiatry category.

Date: 7 October 2021

A book lead edited by London Met’s Dr Dom Conroy, along with co-editor Professor Fiona Measham from the University of Liverpool, has won a British Medical Association (BMA) Medical Book Award in the Psychiatry category. Over 900 resources were submitted on a diverse range of topics for 14 categories in total for recognition of outstanding contributions to medical literature. 

The edited book collection Young Adult Drinking Styles: Current Perspectives on Research, Policy and Practice brings together contributions from researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds including psychology, criminology, sociology and health policy.

The book explores the complexities of young adult drinking behaviours and discusses the profound changes in recent young adult drinking trends. One theme of the book concerns advocating for a more inclusive approach to understanding variability in how and when young adults use alcohol and the range of purposes that alcohol use may serve.

Dr Conroy, who is Course Leader for London Met’s Addiction and Mental Health MSc, said, "Winning a British Medical Association category award is an incredible achievement. Developing new ways of framing an understanding of alcohol consumption is challenging, especially in the context of young adult drinking behaviour which carries some strong cultural associations and sometimes unfavourable understandings.

"One key contribution that we identified with our collection was how it offered a new synthesis of ideas/methods linked to thinking about young adult drinking behaviour, and how international trends suggesting the growth in interest of lower risk drinking behaviours (apparent in ‘sober curious’ movements, for example) might be understood from an academic and/or practitioner perspectives.

"We are incredibly grateful to our outstanding contributors who worked hard to produce the excellent material for this edition and to Palgrave who supported us with great patience and understanding throughout the process."

The BMA medical book awards take place annually to recognise outstanding contributions to medical literature. Dr Conroy and Professor Measham’s achievements were recognised in a virtual awards ceremony which took place on 30 September.

Young Adult Drinking Styles: Current Perspectives on Research, Policy and Practice is available from Palgrave Macmillan.

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