BBC wildfire coverage for recent journalism graduate

Recent graduate Nikos Papanikolaou has been reporting on the Greek wildfires for BBC Newsnight.

Date: 16 August 2021

Journalism BA alumnus Nikos Papanikolaou may have only graduated earlier this month, but that hasn't stopped him from going immediately to where the action is.
Nikos has been freelancing for the BBC for the past few weeks, covering the horrific wildfires in his native Greece.
His latest piece, which he produced for BBC Newsnight, was about a man called Spyros who worked in a local supermarket in the mornings, and helped fight the raging wildfires that have decimated the region on the island of Evia the rest of the day.
"BBC Newsnight presented the extended version of Spyros' story. Even if I have seen the video many times, it still aches my heart," says Nikos.
"Spyros and his mates were trying to save their region from the wildfires, but the Government's response was inadequate.
"While we were there, following their efforts, they showed nothing but kindness to us. We spent hours together; we talked, we bonded.
"Let's not forget Evia. Let's keep remembering these people. And let's keep telling their stories."
Group of 11 men

Image: Nikos, far left, with fellow journalists