Manchester United legend takes London Met community activist by Surprise Surprise!

Date: 24/12/2014

London Met second year Community Development and Leadership student Janice Winston has recently taken part in ITV’s Surprise Surprise TV programme which aims to recognise people who have made a difference in their communities.

Janice appeared with her son Trevor Winston and both were recognised for their dedication and commitment to helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds in south London. Janice established a youth centre in Streatham to provide a safe environment for children. Her son has been running the youth club and during the TV programme he comments on how important it is to be able to provide a free facility for children who would not otherwise be able to afford to take part in social, sports and other leisure activities.

Footballer Rio Ferdinand made a surprise appearance on the programme and presented Janice and her son with a donation to fund the youth club’s expenses for a year. He also offered to act as a mentor to help develop the organisation.

Janice’s involvement in the youth club has inspired her to set up other projects including a residents' association to improve the estates in her local area. She has further developed her skills by studying for a degree in community development and leadership.

Commenting on her experience, Janice says that “London Met is a great place to learn and it has really inspired and challenged me. The lecturers have been supportive and helpful in guiding me to achieve my goals”. Janice’s career plan after graduating is to work more with members of the community and government officials to influence change in people’s lives.



Surprise Surprise opening logo on TV