The Cass hosts agrictecture collaborative design workshop

The Cass hosts an Association of Vertical Farming workshop focusing on the integration of agriculture into urban neighbourhoods to create sustainable food systems.

As part of their continuous effort to expand the knowledge surrounding urban and vertical farming, and inspire professionals of all levels to be part of this movement, the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) will be holding the first ever London edition of its popular US “Agritecture” workshops. 

Held during the London Festival of Architecture, this workshop will be co-organised by The Cass School of Architecture, Southbank Events, Blue Planet Consulting and the Association for Vertical Farming. It will not only spread valuable knowledge to encourage development of urban and vertical farms, but also generate powerful networks and relationships. 

Teams for this collaborative design workshop are handpicked to ensure a diverse and interdisciplinary approach. In addition, they aim to promote the support of higher education institutions through the inclusion of students. With one day to develop visionary but realistic concepts on how to integrate agriculture into cities and buildings, they will work on designing for a specific site in London. Projects will be presented to a public audience and a panel of esteemed judges in a closing ceremony.

The event is aimed at architects, agriculturists, entrepreneurs, sustainability managers, browers, engineers and marketers as well as the wider public. Tickets are between £12.50 and £49.99 but there are nine free places at the event for Cass students. For information about those places email Sian Moxon.

The 2016 London Festival of Architecture (LFA) celebrates London as a global hub of architecture. The 2016 theme is "Community" and the festival aims to connect with as many people as possible to demonstrate architecture’s relevance to London and its diverse communities.

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Dates 24-25 June 2016
Location The Cass, Central House

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