London Met students help Beauty Brand in Virgin’s Pitch to Rich race

With the help of animation students African Health and Beauty brand Aduna are finalists in the Virgin Pitch to Rich competition.

Date: 22 June 2015

London Metropolitan University students in the Rethinking Animation studio at The Cass have been working with health and beauty brand Aduna for the past six months, supporting the campaign to ‘Make Baobab Famous’. 

Students at The Cass examined a range of methods used in advertising to create animations which focussed on Aduna’s brand values, narrative themes and emotive images.

Dorothea Peponi created a stunning animation short for the campaign based on Antoine de Saint-Expéry’s famous children’s book, The Little Prince.

Through hand drawn animation this short retells the African myth of how the African ‘superfruit’ baobab came to earth. 

The work from London Met students played a crucial role in the Aduna’s pitch for the Pitch to Rich competition organised by Virgin Media Business.

Aduna has reached the final three in the Grow category and are in with a change to win either £100K or £250K for their Make Baobab Famous campaign.

Aduna’s mission is to introduce baobab to the rest of the world while supporting the local communities and growers across the continent.

The grow category is intended to help already established businesses who need to expand their reach and get more exposure.

The winner will be chosen today by a panel of industry experts including Richard Branson, Jo Malone, David Gandi and Justine Roberts.

For more information on Aduna please visit their website.

A boy runs towards a baobab tree