A warm welcome to our third cohort of interns

Since 2014, graduate interns have joined London Met to learn employment skills in a real-life workplace.

Date: 28 November 2016

Every year London Met runs a graduate internship scheme allowing graduates to apply the skills they have learnt during their time at London Met to a real-life environment, while gaining valuable experience in fields like public relations, marketing, communications and human resources.

The scheme was introduced in 2014 by the University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor John Raftery. Its main aim is to help London Met graduates secure a job in their chosen field of interest.

The scheme is 12 months in duration. This year, 26 graduate interns were chosen out of 106 applicants.

A helping hand for graduates

Neelam Thapar, Head of Careers and Employability at London Met, is thrilled that the University is giving graduates a helping hand onto the career ladder. She said: “We know that employers often want graduates to have experience and this scheme gives them just that.

“By giving our graduates the experience they need, we know that it will be easier for them to find a good second job.”

How does London Met benefit?

Neelam Thapar explains how London Met can also benefit through graduates’ enthusiasm and ability to see things from a student’s perspective. “Graduates have just passed through their own student journey, and therefore they bring fresh ideas to the table and are super motivated. When put together, their creativity benefits both students and staff,” she said.

Future opportunities

Graduates who have participated in the scheme have gone on to work at other higher education establishments, such as the University of Law and ESPC Europe, as well as web design companies and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

Two graduate interns now work for London Met; one as a PR and Internal Communications Officer and the other as an Employment Engagement Officer.

The scheme provides graduates with essential skills such as teamwork, timekeeping, and resilience; as well as IT/computing skills and customer awareness.

Image of 2016 graduate interns