A new look for London Met

London Met’s brand identity has been refreshed.

Date: 17 June 2015

London Metropolitan University has launched a range of new brand identity guidelines to help bring together the University’s diverse faculties, research centres and sub-brands.

From today, all communications made in the University will feature the new identity, which includes a freshened up version of the London Met logo.

It’s the first time the University’s logo has been reviewed since its creation in 2002, and the first update to its brand guidelines since 2010.

Alan Ward, Senior Web and Brand Marketing Officer, said: “Lots of things have happened since 2010, from developments in social media to the opening of new facilities at London Met, so the guidelines were ready for an update.

“The new logo is designed to better incorporate the University’s seven sub-brands: our four Faculties; Accelerator, London Met's business incubator; The Great Hall, our newly opened events space, and The Rocket bar – bringing them together with the main London Met logo.”

The University’s Marketing team carried out research projects and held consultation sessions with staff and students to develop the new identity, and their feedback has helped shape the new guidelines.

“We owe it to our current students, 175,000 alumni, our staff and our many partners to give them a brand identity they are proud of,” added Alan.

For more information on the news brand identity, visit londonmet.ac.uk/brand.