A Festival of Cause and Effect

Final year Theatre Arts students will explore human behaviours and belief systems through a world of different landscapes.

All are welcome to join London Met’s Theatre Arts students as they deliver a free festival of performance as part of their final year assessment. 

A Festival of Cause and Effect will be held from 7.30pm, on Thursday 26 - Saturday 28 May 2022, at the Shoreditch Town Hall. The runtime is approximately 90 minutes. 

What to expect?

A world of different landscapes shines a light on human behaviours and belief systems. Explored through text, film, movement, installation, and sound and created by final year Theatre Arts students from London Metropolitan University. 

In the underground space of Shoreditch Town Hall, we explore how cause and effect intertwine with our daily life and changes human destiny that connects to our past, present and future.

The work crosses over various themes such as historical events, religious, political and socio-economic systems, patriarchal structures, family relations, fantasy, literature and myth.

The event is part of the Summer Show season at the school of Art, Architecture and Design which includes theatrical performances, a fashion show, exhibitions and other events.

The five shows are:

  • After You Are Gone scrutinises the influence of childhood conditioning and its consequences in adult life distorting and shaping reality, where manipulation and abuse are hidden deeply in the subconscious.

  • Confessions of a Drunk Girl examines the strong female bond two strangers build when Megan finds Zoey passed out on the bathroom floor after being spiked.

  • The 8th Day shows that when Father created the world in 7 days, three angelic brothers are tasked with the final creation: The Human. With light running out, a prototype must be tested and readied for the 8th day.

  • The Hive draws attention to themes of inequality, poverty and degradation through class and gender struggles, where the stories and lives of individuals intertwine.

  • Rat Race investigates the breakdown between an isolated community, the working class and authoritarian systems. Our collective and individual journeys are portrayed through physical and object theatre, shadow work and sound.

Get in touch and book your space

For further information and queries, please get in touch with the Festival organisers.

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abstract image, a close-up of a cracked ceramic item.

When: 7:30pm, Thursday 26 - Saturday 28 May 2022

Where: Shoreditch Town Hall

Book your free place on Eventbrite.

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