1st Class Honours and job success for BA HRM graduate

Date: 08/10/2014

Mafalda Vilhena, a 2014 1st class honours BA HRM graduate, says “I was 'shocked' in a very positive way with my grades as never in my life I thought I would have four As this year. I was aiming for a 2:1 and I got a 1st! Part of this 'magic' was possible due to the knowledge the tutors transmitted to me and my colleagues throughout the year. I learned a lot on the Strategic HRM module and it was one I found truly interesting and challenging. I really enjoyed the last session on ‘The Future of HRM.' I especially recall the last session about the changing nature of the HR function and I believe I am going to take what I have learned at London Met to my professional life. It was a great pleasure to have you as my teachers!”

Mafalda applied for a number of high profile roles and received more than one job offer. Sessions on various modules at University and assessment methods such as presentations gave her the necessary knowledge and skills to gain such roles. Mafalda says: “I had an interview where I had to deliver a presentation for an HR graduate role opportunity, on the topic ‘How does HR make an impact in an organisation?’”

She states she didn't have much time to prepare: “I only had ten minutes to speak. The role was a generalist HR one, it did really seem quite interesting to gain a broader and practical vision and the company was a housing association with an HR team of currently eight people. I was told during the telephone interview (first round) that the current HR director was trying to remodel the whole HR strategy by implementing a three-year HR strategy and a twelve-month HR plan, to drive operational excellence and to create a 'one HR concept'. I believe the company is also focusing on HR metrics to drive the change management and I addressed the presentation by linking the value of HR practices to strategy, because it is through strategy that the real impact is made from an HR perspective, if I'm not incorrect. I also provided some practical examples and was as specific as possible.”

As a result of her job applications, Mafalda reports “I have great news! Following my last interview where I had to set up a presentation, I passed to the second stage, where I had to perform a number of work related tests. I was offered a position for the role (HR graduate) with one-year contract with a 21k salary! I am very happy as this can be my foot in the door with a generalist role! Also today I was offered a temporary position with British Airways for recruitment, however I am taking the HR graduate role. Thank you for your career advice, that was brilliant!” 

We are delighted for Mafalda and wish her every success in her HR career. Find out more about our BA HRM course.

Mafalda receiving an award at the HRM Awards