Creating an impactful application to London Metropolitan University involves expressing your unique achievements, academic ambitions, and career goals. Below are guides for crafting your UCAS personal statement and filling out the International Supplementary Form to showcase your potential as an international student.

Your UCAS personal statement is part of your undergraduate UCAS application. It is an opportunity to give the university a broader understanding of your academic background, course aspirations, and other relevant information.

You should aim to demonstrate:

  1. What course you wish to study
  2. Why you want to study it
  3. What makes you an excellent candidate for the course

Do's and Dont's

Write positively using specific examples Include your grades or information already provided throughout the UCAS application
Keep within the character limit (4,000, including spaces) Write universities' names within the statement. The same personal statement is sent to all choices.
Use a spell checker before uploading to UCAS Plagiarise

Writing guide

You can use the ABCs method to guide you in how to write about your experiences.

A Activity Describe the activities you’ve engaged in that are relevant to your desired course. This could include classes, projects, super/extracurricular activities, work experience etc.
B Benefit Reflect on what these experiences taught you. Highlight specific skills, knowledge, or insights you gained.
C Course Clearly connect your experiences to the course you are applying for. Show your understanding of the course content and how your background makes you a suitable candidate.
s specifics Provide specific examples, including titles, names, key terms, and scholars to demonstrate you completed the activity.

This is just a guide; you may format your personal statement how you see fit. You can read our Personal Statements blog or access the UCAS personal statement builder for more information.

Please be aware this is only for applicants applying through UCAS; direct applicants do not need to complete this.

The International Supplementary Form is a part of your application to London Metropolitan University. It helps us gain a greater understanding of why you wish to study your course and move to the UK. It includes three questions.

  1. Why have you chosen to study in the UK and why London in particular?
  2. Why have you chosen London Met to study this course?
  3. How will your course help you to achieve specific career goals?

Below is a guide to help you effectively address each section on the form.

Motivation for studying in the UK and London

Why choose the UK, and specifically London, for your studies? This is your opportunity to share the personal motivations and experiences that have led you to select London as your preferred study destination. Reflect on the specific aspects of the UK's education system and London's dynamic environment that attracted you. Providing concrete examples will make your reasons come alive.

Choosing London Met for your course

What made London Metropolitan University stand out for your chosen course? Delve into the elements that caught your attention. Your response should demonstrate thorough research and a clear understanding of how London Met can facilitate your academic and personal growth. You may wish to demonstrate your knowledge of course content, facilities, or university initiatives that particularly appeal to you.

Course's role in achieving your career goals

Explain how your chosen course at London Met will propel you towards your desired career path. Incorporate examples from your life that highlight your dedication to your field of study and how you envision the course contributing to your career objectives. Discuss the practical skills you aim to acquire, the industry connections you wish to make, or the experiences you are eager to gain that will prepare you for your future profession.

Writing tips

  • Be Specific: Detail your personal journey and the experiences that have shaped your decision to study in the UK and at London Met.
  • Show Your Research: Evidence of thorough research into your chosen course and London Met will strengthen your application.
  • Be Authentic: Your application should reflect your genuine interests, experiences, and aspirations. There are no “right” answers so don’t let anyone tell you what to write, just be yourself and make sure you answer all of the questions to the best of your ability.