Agents: Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that we have answered any questions you may have. However if you do not find the answer to your question, please feel free to send us an email and we will respond within two working days.

Commission payments



Commission payment:

1. I have referred students for courses that are not taught at London Met but are validated by London Met. Will I receive commission?

No, we can only pay commission for students who were referred to a course that is taught at London Met. Courses that are validated by London Met and taught at other institutions are not covered by our contracts.


2. Will I be paid commission for students I referred to London Met if I do not have a signed agent contract with London Met?

No, we cannot pay commission to agencies with which we do not have a signed contract. After receiving your contract, please make sure you sign and return it to us within two weeks. If we do not receive a signed contract within this period, the contract is void and we will not be able to pay commission for your students.


3. Will I be paid commission for students who I referred to London Met outside the agreed contract period?

No, we can only pay commission for enrolled students who were referred to us within the agreement period.


4. When do I have to send my invoice?

Please send your invoice from the sixth week of the start of term of the semester in which your students are starting their courses. Please make sure that we receive your invoice before 30 November for students starting in September and before 31 March for students starting in February.


5. I am liaising with one of London Met's Regional Offices regarding student referral. Where should I send my invoice to?

Please send your invoice directly to the Regional Office that you are liaising with. The Regional Office will confirm which student commission will be payable and forward the invoice to the International Office.


6. After London Met has received my invoice, how long will it take for me to receive the payment?

We can only authorise commission payments for students who have fully enrolled and paid at least 50% of their tuition fees. Usually we can confirm this by 30 November/ 31 March, however in some cases this may take longer (for instance for students with external scholarships)

In general terms, we pay commission invoices after 30 November and 31 March or within 45 days of receipt of the invoice.


7. Which information has to be included on my invoice?

 The following must be included on your invoice:

  • Invoice date
  • Invoice number
  • Recruited Student(s) name(s) and London Met ID or date of birth
  • Student's course title
  • Commission per student and total invoice amount
  • Bank name and full address
  • Name of account holder
  • Account number
  • SWIFT code

Please note that we cannot process payment to international accounts without the correct SWIFT code and the complete bank address


8. Will I be paid commission if a student enrolls and withdraws/is withdrawn from a course?

If a student withdraws from his/her course or ceases to attend classes without being granted intermittance by the university, London Met reserves the right to withhold commission payment. This is a rare occurrence and the decision whether to withhold the commission payment will be made on a case by case basis.


9. The student I referred to London Met was also referred by another agency. Which agency will be paid commission?

The agency who referred the student to London Met in the first instance will receive the commission payment.




1. I have not returned a signed contract to London Met, is my contract valid?

If you have not returned the signed contract to us, your contract is not valid and we will not be able to pay your commission. Please make sure you return your contract with us, duly signed.


2. My company changed its name, will we need a new contract?

Yes, if a company changes its name you would need to send us a copy of the legal document confirming the name change and we will provide you with a new contract.


3. The structure of our company has changed significantly, will we need a new contract?

If the structure of your company has changed significantly, for instance if two new companies spun off from the company that initially held a contract with London Met, we may require the new company to re-apply for a contract. This decision will be made on a case by case basis.