Sexual Exploitation of Children and Young People (short course)

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Why study this course?

The course will extend your knowledge base in relation to the sexual exploitation of children and young people including an exploration of definitions, prevalence, intervention and protection, perpetrators and policy and legislation. Historical continuities in the form and nature of sexual exploitation will be examined in a national and international context, as well as the role of digital technologies.

More about this course

This course will explore the research evidence about sexual exploitation of children, the range of forms of exploitation and the contexts in which it occurs. You'll examine the history of sexual exploitation in a national and international context and the current policy focus. The impact of sexual exploitation and promising practices responding to young people will be explored, as well as what research tells us about the motivations of those who abuse and exploit. This course is important for professionals and practitioners working in social care or at a policy level in charities and other related fields who want to increase their knowledge of the evidence base on sexual exploitation.

This course will cover:

  • definitions of sexual exploitation
  • a gender analysis of sexual exploitation and debates about the sex industry
  • sexualisation of children in popular culture
  • policy and practice responses including criminal justice and safeguarding frameworks

In particular, the course will cover the following topics in detail:

  • forms of sexual exploitation, eg. trafficking, abusive images of children, and online grooming
  • perpetrators of sexual exploitation

By the end of the course, you'll understand and critically evaluate perspectives on sexual exploitation and the sex industry, including to what extent global research evidence supports them. You'll also be able to define, identify and explain various forms of sexual exploitation of children and young people.


This course is accredited at an MA level as part of the Woman and Child Abuse MA. If you're taking this course as a short course, assessment is not compulsory.

To gain the 20 credits for the course, the assessment consists of two items - an annotated bibliography and an essay. Full guidance and support sessions are built into teaching time.


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Short Course
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Our teaching plans for autumn 2021

We are planning to return to our usual ways of teaching this autumn including on-campus activities for your course. However, it's still unclear what the government requirements on social distancing and other restrictions might be, so please keep an eye on our Covid-19 pages for further updates as we get closer to the start of the autumn term.

Entry requirements

A good degree in a relevant subject or experience of delivering policy and/or support services is required alongside proficiency in written and spoken English.

Course structure

This course is delivered from 10am to 5pm on the following dates:

Thursday 5 May 2022
Friday 6 May 2022
Thursday 19 May 2022
Friday 20 May 2022
Thursday 16 June 2022
Friday 17 June 2022

The teaching methods will include group work, lectures, guest lectures, workshops and audio-visual material. Case study material will be supplied as well as recommended reading to support each session.

How to apply

Please download the London Met Enrolment Form 2021-22 and send the completed copy to

The cost for this course is £885. Please pay online through our eShop.

For more information on course content, please contact the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit on +44 (0)20 7133 5014 or the course administrator via email at