The School of Computing and Digital Media's Short Course Training Centre (SCTC)

For years, the School of Computing and Digital Media has successfully run a number of short courses that equip our students with prestigious vocational certifications. In order to develop our short courses we analysed and identified the needs of leading communications industries, which are looking for professionals with IT qualifications and vocational certifications. Our courses are designed to provide you with the skills necessary to succeed in areas of new technological advances, specifically in security, data analysis, networking, the Internet of Things and virtualisation.

Cisco's stamp of approval

The University was recognised by Cisco in 2015 for providing the best delivery of the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) curriculum in Europe and was awarded the organisation's annual Academy Curriculum Excellence for its high-quality teaching of the CCNP curriculum. The award put London Met ahead of institutions in more than 15 countries across Europe where the curriculum is taught.

In February 2018, London Met became one of the first Cisco CCNA cyber security course providers in the UK.

Palo Alto Networks – a close collaboration

In September 2018, London Met became the first and only Regional Academy for Palo Alto Networks’ cyber security courses, with the aim of supporting and training staff and students across the UK’s universities, colleges and schools.

London Met is one of the first academies in the UK to provide training for CCNP, CCNA cyber security and Palo Alto Networks' cyber security courses.

Inspiration and development

Our short course training centre for computing was established to address the shortage of specific IT skills and qualifications in the sector, catering to national and international students. The variety of courses on offer are supported by world-leading IT industries including Cisco, Palo Alto, Juniper, Oracle and Check Point, amongst others, covering the areas of cyber security, Internet of Things, networking, virtualisation, storage, databases and creative technologies. 
In addition, these courses are also appropriate for continuing professional development (CPD) programmes in schools and universities.