Be aware of fraudulent tuition fee messages

What is happening?

There have been instances occurring where international students are being approached in person or via social media and other channels by individuals offering to pay their university tuition fees for them at a reduced rate if they use a ‘third party facilitator’.

If you are unsure how to pay

If you are unsure how to pay your London Metropolitan University fees, please contact our internationally recognised income collections team via email at They will help you to find the best payment method for you and consider your payment options.

You should be aware that students can be put under pressure by fraudsters to reach a quick agreement, such as being told that the ‘exceptional’ exchange rates on offer will expire shortly. In fact, these individuals are taking money from the students and paying their fees using compromised bank card details – which could lead to you having to pay twice.

Please do not ever respond to these offers and always pay any fees directly to the London Metropolitan University by using our authorised payment methods. Paying through our authorised methods is the only way to guarantee your place to study with us and your funds.

How the fraud is carried out

Scams are predominantly carried out online using large numbers of compromised cards. In many cases students have shared their student ID and their date of birth to allow fraudsters to ‘pay on their behalf’. Please do not share your unique student number, date of birth, or any login details with others.

How to protect yourself

If an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Fees should always be paid directly by students or their parents to the London Metropolitan University, rather than to a ‘third-party intermediary’. Please report any suspicious approaches to London Metropolitan University  and always ask us for advice if you are unsure via

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