Full-time home/EU undergraduate tuition fee changes

Following the release of the Higher Education Bill and the provisions of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), the University, like most other universities, may revise the tuition fee for students commencing a new course from 1 September 2020. Students continuing studies into 2020-21 are not affected by this change in fee and their fee position remains as detailed below.

Year of entryFee position
2020-21 Students entering the University from 1 September 2020 will pay a fee of £9,250 for their first year of study and this may be increased in subsequent years of study according to the rate of inflation or the limits applied under the annual Teaching Excellence Framework reviews. This does include students who already hold an offer of a place for commencement of study after 1 September 2020. This also includes students who hold an offer of a place for commencement of study before 1 September 2020 but who elect to defer their commencement of study until after 1 September 2020.  Fees for returning students may change each year by an amount also set under the government’s regulation. EU student fees may be subject to change depending on the future of the UK’s membership of the European Union.
2021-22 Tuition fees for the 2021-22 academic year have not yet been officially confirmed. It is likely that the information stated above will apply for the 2021-22 academic year as well. 

If you wish to see how this affects you as a continuing student who started in academic years prior to 2017-18, please visit the fees and funding page on the Student Zone.

Intermitting students

Students who have been registered with the University as intermitting (pausing a programme of study for up to two years) will remain on their original fee position. Students withdrawing from study and seeking re-entry, other than those registered as intermitting, will be required to pay the fee applicable for their year of re-entry.

Students deferring entry

In general, students holding an offer of a place for one entry point but electing to defer entry to a later entry point will pay the fee set for students entering the University at the later entry point.

Questions about fees?

If you have a question about your fee please contact our Student Fees Office by email: feequery@londonmet.ac.uk.