Postgraduate art, architecture and design applications

Full-time and part-time

A postgraduate course will require students to pursue much of their studies independently. Taught classes focus on research methods for artists, architects, or designers and how to ensure that you choose a valid and worthwhile project, how to ensure that you can conduct the necessary rigorous research to understand the 'problem' or ‘issue’ and its context correctly.

We will consistently feedback on your work, and guide you to the best possible outcomes for your final portfolio, You will be able to use our workshops and other facilities but we do not teach any design or making skills (IT, workshop, drawing etc) as we expect that you already have these skills when you arrive.

Our aim is to give you the research and critical thinking skills to develop a unique and personal approach and development process building a field of knowledge that is both critical and important to society or industry.


For the majority of courses at the School of Art, Architecture and Design we require a portfolio. Portfolio guidance can be seen below. We may also request an interview, either online or on campus. The interview is an opportunity to meet an academic tutor and discuss your work. All applicants are welcome to further explore the School at Open Days, which are advertised on the website.

Your ability to discuss your portfolio is as crucial as the work itself. After the interview you will not be told the decision. Our admissions team will inform you of the outcome.

If you are invited to interview, our admissions team will offer you a selection of dates to choose from by booking online.

Please note, failure to attend your interview will result in you being withdrawn as an applicant. We will only change your interview date in exceptional circumstances.

Portfolio guidance

Your portfolio should represent your ability and potential as a designer or artist and should include several recent projects that show evidence of your design work and creativity, presented through undergraduate projects and if relevant professional projects undertaken.

We would like you to show relevant project reports and/or dissertations or essays that evidence academic requirements such as employing a critical approach in extended written work and the use of referencing. 

The work you show us can be in any creative medium. PDFs should be no larger than 10MB or links to portfolio websites and blogs should be provided. 

You can send more than one PDF.

You do need to show us genuine interest in the course you are applying for. We expect your portfolio to evidence a sufficent range of existing skills as appropriate to the course you are applying for such as CAD, prototyping/realisation/modelmaking, sculpture, visualising and communication techniques, to enable you to undertake your coursework tasks. (It is important to note that MA courses do not teach skills, it is expected that the applicant will already have a range of skills appropriate to the course applied for).

Please show idea development or process which has responded to theory and/or contextual evidence.

PDF submissions

Provide your portfolio as a PDF file. If choosing this format, please provide your interview portfolio as a single Adobe PDF file,

Please use stills only – do not attempt to embed any moving image in the PDF file. Name the PDF file only as below (ie, in no other way).

Maximum file size: 10MB.

Please name your interview portfolio file in this way:

Surname in uppercase followed by your London Met or UCAS ID number followed by "portfolio" in uppercase –


(For example: SMITH_1234567890_PORTFOLIO).


Portfolio advice

For further guidance about what to include in your portfolio, please contact the course leader for your chosen course or one of the following staff:

Master of Fine Arts (MFA): Rosemarie McGoldrick (

Postgraduate design courses: Kaye Newman (

Postgraduate Architecture courses - MArch Part 2: Nate Kolbe (

Architecture Apprenticeship Part 2 and 3: Simon Kay-Jones (