Postgraduate art, architecture and design applications

Full-time and part-time

Whether you're looking to study full-time or part-time, postgraduate applications are made directly to the University. If you wish to apply for a postgraduate degree course please apply online via the relevant course page.


For the majority of courses at the School of Art, Architecture and Design we interview applicants. The interview day is an opportunity to meet an academic tutor, talk to current students and explore the School. An interview will last between 25 and 30 minutes and it is essential that you bring a portfolio of your work.

During the interview we will ask you to explain your work, its process and the ideas. It is an informal meeting to discuss your work and your interests. We are interested in the individual applicant and what has inspired you to apply to one of our courses.

During the interview, the lecturer will evaluate your creativity, your commitment, knowledge and your technical skills. Whilst looking at your work we will ask you about:

  • your ideas and their importance to you
  • its background and context
  • your estimation of its strengths and weaknesses
  • your methods and procedures

Your ability to discuss your portfolio is as crucial as the work itself. After the interview you will not be told the decision. Our admissions team will inform you of the outcome.

If you are invited to interview, our admissions team will offer you a selection of dates to choose from by booking online.

Please note, failure to attend your interview will result in you being withdrawn as an applicant. We will only change your interview date in exceptional circumstances.

Portfolio advice

For guidance about what to include in your portfolio, please contact the course leader for your chosen course or one of the following staff:

Master of Fine Arts (MFA): Rosemarie McGoldrick (

Postgraduate design courses: Chris Emmett (

Postgraduate Architecture courses - MArch Part 2: Nate Kolbe (

Architecture Apprenticeship Part 2 and 3: Sandra Denicke-Polcher (