Graduate Centre | Holloway | N7

GC1-08 with new furniture from rear

Capacity 90 |  

GC1-08 room viewed from stage at front of room

Capacity 90 |  

GCG-08 with agile furniture

Capacity 40 |  

GCG-10 with new furniture

Capacity 29 |  

GCG-09 seminar room

Capacity 20  

 First floor foyer
Graduate Centre foyer by window with table and chairs


Graduate Centre

Spread across two floors, the venue features a 90 capacity theatre alongside three breakout rooms. Each space features modern and adaptable furniture, allowing for traditional presentation delivery or more collaborative working. Reception areas provide space to welcome guests or take a break.

The building was designed by internationally renowned architect Daniel Libeskind and is instantly recognizable on the Holloway Road

Contact detail

166-220 Holloway Road
N7 8DB

+44 (0)20 7133 2645

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