Student consultancy

Would you like to tap into the fresh insights of our students? With the support of our team at London Met, our students can offer free consultancy advice to SMEs, multi-national companies and not-for-profit organisations who are looking to grow or change the direction of their business.

We have the technology to enable you to collaborate with our students remotely – meaning you can do this from the comfort of your own home or workplace and at a time convenient to you.

The students will work in groups to provide research, advice and recommendations tailored to your organisation’s needs and for you to consider.

Making use of our student consultancy can be a "win win" for all. Whilst you are gaining from the fresh insights of our students, they are also benefitting from a vital learning experience – putting their academic knowledge into practice on a project for you – which can enhance their employability and add to their CV.

You can access this free of charge, and all that we ask is that is you set clear deliverables, offer students sufficient opportunity to communicate with you, and provide students feedback on their work at the end of the project.

Potential areas of consultancy:

Business and management
  • Market research – gathering information about target markets or customer needs and preferences
  • Business development – develop and implement growth opportunities to optimise sales, innovate, and strengthen customer relationships
  • Digital marketing and advertising campaigns – using both online and offline digital means to reach out to the target audience
  • Social media and brand campaigns – developing campaigns from the ground up or working on current ones for released or soon-to-be-released products/services
  • Public relations and communication – assisting with the development and implementation of communication strategies between an organisation and its customers
Digital media, computing and data analytics
  • Network analysis – solving networking issues and analysing how systems can be optimised
  • Pentesting and documentation – purposefully hacking into a website or app and making recommendations as to how it can be prevented
  • Social media – students have helped with social media campaigns in the past. This was completed by Digital Media MA students.
  • 3D modelling – our games design and animation students have worked on 3D models in the past

If you have a live project that you feel our students could deliver, please contact us for more information:

Business and management:

Narada Oates (Employee Engagement Administrator for the Guildhall School of Business and Law)

Digital media, computing and data analytics:

Tanweer Eddoo (Employee Engagement Administrator for London Met's School of Computing and Digital Media)

General enquiries: 
Two students discussing a project in the classroom