Foreword from the Chair of the Board of Governors

The achievements highlighted in this report are a testament to the dedication of our staff and paint a picture of resilience and unwavering commitment to excellence. The recognition in the Teaching Excellence Framework and our rank in the National Student Survey, just two examples, are clear indicators of our upward trajectory.

A notable highlight this year has been the continued success of The Real London campaign. It has been heartening to see how well it has resonated with our community, capturing the essence of what makes London Met unique. The campaign not only underscores our commitment to reflecting the true spirit of London but also reinforces our dedication to providing an authentic, inclusive, and transformative educational experience.

However, as we celebrate our successes, we must also acknowledge the broader challenges facing higher education. The geopolitical landscape is shifting. The Ukraine war shows no signs of ending, and dynamics with countries like China are evolving. These global events, while seemingly distant, have direct implications for universities, especially in terms of the safety and welfare of our staff and students and international student enrolment and partnerships.

The last year has been very tough for many across the country. Rising inflation has created a cost of living crisis that has been felt in a profound way by our students, staff, and communities. Wider economic recovery has been slower than many hoped, and with the looming prospect of a General Election, uncertainty lies ahead.

Yet, in the face of these challenges, London Met stands strong. Our financial performance, as outlined in this report, is a testament to our robust strategies and the trust our community places in us. We are not just weathering the storm; we are charting a course that ensures our growth is sustainable and our momentum continues to build.

I am confident in our direction. With Lynn’s leadership, the dedication of our staff, and the support of our community, I know we will continue to create waves across the sector and provide the best possible experience for our students. Thank you for your continued commitment to our shared vision.

Tijs Broeke
Chair of the Board of Governors
November 2023