Foreword from the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive

"As you read this annual report, you will witness the remarkable strides we have taken, and the milestones we have achieved together as a community.

Achieving a Silver rating in the 2023 Teaching Excellence Framework, complemented by a standout Gold for Student Experience, is a clear sign that we have adopted the right strategy. The recent National Student Survey brought more good news. Analysis by the Times Higher Education placed us 15th place ranking in the country for overall student satisfaction. It is encouraging to see our efforts reflected with such positive feedback, and it fuels our drive to innovate further in the upcoming academic year. When I arrived at London Met in 2018 it was clear that we needed to strengthen our financial foundations. It was with immense pride that I shared our return to a surplus last year, a significant milestone achieved three years ahead of our target. Our surplus has grown again and is enabling us to make responsible investments into resources and projects that enhance the experience of our students. Those students have grown in number to over 13,000 and once again the campus is filled with thousands of overseas students.

The wellbeing and satisfaction of our staff remains a key focus. A recent HR pulse survey showed just how far we have come, revealing that 65% of our staff now endorse London Met as a workplace of choice. This is a leap from the 31% in 2017. Our People Strategy, unveiled this July, is set to introduce more positive changes, ensuring we continue we keep staff at the heart of what we are trying to achieve.

We have also launched new estates and digital strategies during the last year with a plan to spend £180m over the next 7 years, we are going to do that without borrowing any money because of the effort made to restore stability to our finances. In this report, we’ve aimed to chronicle the progress we’ve collectively made. I am filled with optimism for what the future holds for London Met. While we celebrate our achievements, we remain continue to build on our plans for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Thank you, to every one of our staff, for being an integral part of this remarkable journey. Professor Lynn Dobbs Vice-Chancellor & Chief Executive."

A picture of Professor Lynn Dobbs

Professor Lynn Dobbs
Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive 
London Metropolitan University

"This has been a significant year for London Met potentially the most significant as we have been able to motor ahead with our strategy without the complications and restraints placed on us by the pandemic."