Celebrating a year of the Centre for Equity and Inclusion

Published to mark the Centre for Equity and Inclusion's one-year anniversary, Reimagining our purpose for social justice: One year on celebrates the story of the Centre so far.

The Centre for Equity and Inclusion represents a whole-institutional endeavour. Every school and department is working in partnership with the Centre to advance change within their teams and provision.

The Centre has been described as the ideological driving force behind the institution, ensuring that our pedagogy, workplace culture and engagement with London’s communities reflect our historic and continuing social mission.

The Centre seeks to draw out London Met’s greatest features, building on existing strengths and celebrating practice that advances social justice. By working in partnership with students, staff and local partners, we are promoting evidence-based equity, diversity and inclusion practice, which centres lived experience in order to create conditions where students and staff can unlock their full potential. The goal is to build a compassionate community of changemakers united by the pursuit of social justice.

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"Our plans for the Centre for Equity and Inclusion are unapologetically ambitious and our standards for the University are high. It’s so important to me, and to the Centre, that we do not just offer platitudes, but long-term investment focused on where it will be most effective.

"We will not lose our commitment to this agenda. The Centre’s staff are brimming with enthusiasm and ideas, and I am in awe of how quickly and effectively they put these into action. I am so proud of everything they have achieved in their first year."

Professor Lynn Dobbs – Vice-Chancellor