Research and expertise

Continual learning and the pursuit of a What Works philosophy

  • In November 2020 we formally launched the Centre for Equity and Inclusion to drive institutional transformation, embedding inclusive practice into our DNA. We will build a team of race equity experts who will collaborate with departments across the University to support the delivery of this plan.
  • In addition we will invest in research studies into race and racialisation within the University and higher education so that we can enhance our understanding and respond to the challenges that exist. We will evaluate our change programmes to follow what works. We will routinely share good practice to support change across the sector.

Our progress one year on

  • We launched the first round of Vice-Chancellor's PhD Scholarships in 2021. The research proposals all support our equity agenda and seven of the recipients are from Black or minoritised backgrounds.
  • The University’s Annual Research Conference took place on 20-21 July 2021. Presentations tackled the issues of social justice, equality and inclusivity, echoing the commitments set out in the Education for Social Justice Framework and Race Equity Strategic Plan.
Mohamed Ali

"It has become clear now that the current pandemic has brought to light the ramifications of embedded practices that further allow exclusion and disparities in all walks of life, particularly so with education. Taking steps towards implementing reactive curricula within higher education is a powerful tool to address inequalities pertaining to race, colour and minority groups. As a student curriculum partner and a postgrad international student researching peace, I feel proud to be a part of a strategy that will yield reflective learners who will not only set the scene for repositioning universities back as a great equaliser, but also minimise all forms of inequalities; bringing us one step closer to long lasting peace!"

Mohamed Ali – student and student curriculum partner