1. Our people

Led by

Chloe Milano Executive Director of People


  1. Recruit and retain highly effective staff
  2. Digital skills development
  3. Change the work we do – driving efficiency


To do this we will:

  • Ensure all job descriptions and person specifications for all newly advertised posts contain reference to digital skills.
  • Develop the digital skills of our staff and prioritise accessible digital staff development delivery as our method of choice for learning management planning and tracking and meeting routine staff development training needs.
  • Utilise digital systems to communicate with, evaluate and gain input from our staff to enhance performance and engagement.
  • Use a single source of digital employee data that our systems connect with to support our processes and meet our information and reporting needs.
  • Move all our employment information and processes online.
  • Use smart interconnected digitally enabled and efficient process workflows that eliminate unnecessary process steps and ensure data capture is not duplicated.
  • Ensure our HR/Payroll systems deliver enhanced self-service so that staff and prospective staff can interact with our organisation and business processes wherever they are and however they are working, directly and securely in compliance with regulations and the law.
People in a compter room on campus

Key performance indicators


All our staff will be digitally competent, based on a defined standard by 2025.



% of staff who meet the standard

N/A 70% 80% 90%