Student spotlight: Selina Anderson

London Met student Selina explains why she decided to take the Empowering London module.

Date: 11 January 2021

My name is Selina Anderson. I live in Stoke Newington, Hackney with my 7-year-old son and I'm a level 6 Education and Social policy student.

I decided to take the Empowering London module as it fits into my everyday morals and values as a member of society. Since I began studying at London Met in 2015, I have been a course SU rep, hub committee member and student council member, a success coach and peer mentor and also took part in many initiatives such as PISO, students as partners fellowship and volunteered for projects such as the Love London Met campaign.

Between November 2018 and June 2019, I was also a part-time interim SU officer for the schools of social sciences and social professions. I have volunteered in my local community in youth initiatives and primary schools also. I love to give back to the community, to empower and inform individuals, be a voice and representative for those that often go unheard and to be an example of what you can achieve with the correct mindset and network. This module seemed to allow me to do those things and gain further work-based experience at the same time as studying.

I think it's important that students work with their local community to develop a real-world view of their surroundings while gaining skills, opportunities and experience that you can only get by being hands-on. I also think it is a way to break the cycle of negative stereotypes and bias that naturally comes from studying certain statistics and theories within our studies.

I love London because of its diversity which often us Londoners take for granted until you step out of the area. I love the vibrancy of the environment, that there are so many built-up areas but you can always find beauty in its green spaces.

When I graduate, I know I want to do something to empower those who face discrimination and disadvantage within society. Thankfully, I have done so much by way of employment and voluntary roles that I could jump into many vacancies and make a difference to many.

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