Crime: meet our Challenge Champions

Dr Shaun S. Yates has worked at various posts within the UK criminal justice system, including His Majesty's Courts, Tribunals Service, and the National Probation Service. He has worked on a range of research projects in partnership with Greater Manchester Police, the Design Against Crime Solution Centre (DACSC) and Essex Police. Shaun also serves on the Advisory Board for CourtWatch London. In this role, he has conducted a pilot study, providing the organisation with insights regarding the ability of volunteers to complete court observation forms. Such insights are valuable to the CourtWatch programme because these will impact the training of potentially hundreds of public volunteers who will observe criminal proceedings in the lower criminal courts of England and Wales (the Magistrates’ Courts). By relying on these volunteer court observers, a large amount of data can be collected regarding what occurs in the lower criminal courts. This can then be analysed by researchers to improve the quality of justice in the criminal courts.
photo of Dr Shaun S. Yates

Dr Shaun S. Yates