Reportable events

As part of its obligations under the Regulatory Framework for Higher Education in England, the University is required to identify and report significant events considered to be reportable events to the Office for Students (OfS). The report of such events is a mandatory obligation. 

A reportable event is defined within the OfS Regulatory Framework as: 

any event or matter that, in the reasonable judgement of the OfS, negatively affects or could negatively affect:

a) The provider’s eligibility for registration with the OfS

b) The provider’s ability to comply with its conditions of registration

c) The provider’s eligibility for degree awarding powers, or its ability to comply with the criteria for degree awarding powers where the provider holds degree awarding powers

d) The provider’s eligibility for university title, where the provider holds university title” 

In interpreting ‘the reasonable judgement of the OfS’, the OfS will, as a matter of policy, consider whether a reasonable provider intent on complying with all of its conditions of registration and acting in the interests of students and taxpayers (rather than in its own commercial, reputational or other interests), would consider the event or matter to be material. 

The Office for Students has issued a guidance note covering reportable events.  

What is a reportable event?

There is a range of incidents that might comprise a reportable event. Examples range from changes to the structure of the University as an organisation and a new Vice-Chancellor or Chair of the Board of Governors, to investigation by an accrediting or other regulatory body or a report of serious fraud. While the OfS provides guidance, a range of factors will need to be considered in deciding whether an incident is reportable. As part of this obligation the University is also required to keep a note of our decision-making. The likelihood of the need to report such incidents is expected to be low.

It is important any event that might be considered a reportable event is properly considered by the University prior to any report to the OfS. We rely on our staff, students and stakeholders to bring any potential reportable events to our attention. 

If you become aware of an event or activity that might be considered a reportable event, and would like to discuss this further, please contact Nicola Le Faou, University Secretary, send details by email to or complete the form below. Please note we will use our usual policies and procedures to investigate a potential reportable event as part of its consideration.

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