Executive Committees

Executive leadership within the University is provided by the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, Professor John Raftery.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is responsible for advising the Vice-Chancellor on the exercise of the functions and responsibilities delegated by the Board of Governors to the Vice Chancellor as the University’s chief executive. SLT comprises the executive of the University for the purposes of the University’s Regulations and Scheme of Delegation.

The members of SLT are:

  • Professor John Raftery, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive (chair)
  • Dr Elizabeth Charman, Pro Vice-Chancellor Academic Outcomes
  • Ms Sharon Page, Interim University Secretary and Registrar (Secretary)
  • Mr John Duffy, Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms Pamela Nelson, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Operating Officer
  • Professor Dominic Palmer-Brown, Pro Vice-Chancellor Employment Outcomes

Please see the SLT terms of reference and membership for more information.

The Senior Management Team (SMT), reporting to the Senior Leadership Team, brings together the senior academic and professional services management of the University to ensure a common understanding and engagement over the implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan and the strategies and plans approved by the Board of Governors to ensure the sustainability of the University. A particular focus of the SMT is improving collaboration between Schools and Professional Service Departments (PSDs). The SMT also acts as the overarching programme board for the One Campus l One Community programme. The SMT comprises the members of the SLT, plus the University's Heads of Schools and senior PSD heads.

Please see the SMT terms of reference and membership for more information.

The members of the Senior Management Team and other senior staff are indicated in the London Met organogram.

The University's Health and Safety Committee (dealing with operational health and safety matters) reports to the Senior Leadership Team. Minutes are available upon request to the Health and Safety team.