Final Cuts Festival 2021 programme

Our online festival of outstanding student work, 22 - 24 June 2021

You're cordially invited to Final Cuts, the School of Computing and Digital Media's online festival of outstanding documentaries, short films and animations by students at London Metropolitan University.

The three screening events will include thought-provoking Q&As with the filmmakers, plus guests! You'll also be able to get involved via live chat. Check out the full programme below.

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Final cuts festival 22 - 24 June

You can download the full program.

Full festival programme

We're kicking off with a selection of the very best films from a range of media courses, followed by Q&As and special guests.


Director: Tony Fifield
Actors: Matthew Moore, Becky Chan-Lok
Synopsis: Will spends one last day with his friend before moving away
Time: Two minutes

Run For Your Life

Director: Mihaela Zubcu
Actors: Alexandru Ojog
Synopsis: A documentary about a female runner's lockdown experience.
Time: Five minutes


Director: Jacob Bone
Actors: Jacob Bone
Synopsis: Music video
Time: Three minutes

A Greater Fire

Director: Miguel Bensadón Oliart
Actors: Félix Arias, Paty Magee Seseña
Synopsis: A documentary film about the xenophobic riots in Madrid triggered by a fire in a Chinese shop.
Time: Eleven minutes

The Pill

Director: Angelica Artusi
Actors: Angelica Artusi, Ilaria Iannarilli, Luna Perri
Synopsis: An animated documentary about the experience of using female birth control.
Time: Seven minutes

Chickens, Romans, Countrymen!

Director: Matt Prestage
Actors: Matt Prestage
Synopsis: A historical documentary parody setting out to prove the existence of the very first Roman branch of Nando's in London
Time: Fifteen minutes


Director: Isaac Buyondo
Featuring: Isaac Buyondo, Chelsea Quansah
Synopsis: A documentary about NHS workers during the pandemic
Time: Nine minutes

Join us for films and Q&As from final year students of our dynamic, production-focused Film and Broadcast Production BA (Hons) course.

The Process

Director: Angus Findlay
Actors: Angus Findlay, Thomas Mathewman
Synopsis: A boy left in bereavement at his grandad's passing is suddenly uplifted when he finds a message left by his grandad.
Time: 12 minutes

You Belong to Me

Director: Angelica Jacobs-Grant
Actors: Nena Roberston, Parvinder Shergill, Ermar Alexander
Synopsis: Peggy is a simple lady. If you're a male, she will kill you. If you're a female, she'll keep you.
Time: 11 minutes

My Path

Director: Sylvester Huczko
Actors: Andrzej Waiss
Synopsis: There are no boundaries for Adrian. The biggest downfall in the mind of a lost man looking to reverse his break up.
Time: 14 minutes

Dance of Life (Il Balo de la Vita)

Director: Ekaterina Kozlova
Actors: George Bloomfield, Christian Collado
Synopsis: A series of snappy animations which look at topics such as morality, sex, study, inwardness, work, plague, love, family and death
Time: 12 minutes


Director: Natasha Drakakis
Actors: Zack, Mina, Kale, Kanar, Sofia, Anna, Nishad
Synopsis: A documentary about a school's bubbles and their impact on the children.
Time: Nine minutes


Director: Jordan Duff, Samuel Harrop
Actors: Elliot Todd, Lewis Harkin, Sam Harrop
Synopsis: Tucci begins his day like normal. However, when his menacing friends show up with a proposition that he is forced to accept, things flip on their heads.
Time: 11 minutes


Director: Juliet Igbokwe
Synopsis: A highly personal documentary film which explores the loss of a loved one to a rare condition called PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Disorder).
Time: Ten minutes

Can I Have a Threesome?

Director: Elliot Banks, Ananya Gupta
Actors: Cat Cherry, Jamal Anansi
Synopsis: On the night of their anniversary a man asks his girlfriend if they could have a threesome. But the girlfriend is enraged by who he wants it with.
Time: Nine minutes

Invisible Mind

Director: Kyri Xeno
Featuring: Karen, Tom, Jessica, Al, Michelle, Sam, Caroline
Synopsis: Feeling stressed and anxious at work can be daunting and is an issue that needs to be taken seriously by the employers.
Time: 11 minutes

Right of Passage

Director: Julia Jarzyna
Actors: Antonios Vitalis
Synopsis: The curator of the Blue Whale Challenge finds himself in a time loop.
Time: 17 minutes

A flourishing of creativity

"London Metropolitan University is proud to welcome you once again to the Final Cuts Festival, where we showcase films from across our courses in the School of Computing and Digital Media, including the graduation films of students of our Film and Broadcast Production BA (Hons). This year students have worked under the continuing additional pressures brought about by COVID-19 and recurrent lockdowns, and this means that once again we could not exhibit these films in their natural home – the cinema.

However, these restrictions have led to a flourishing of creativity, and this online festival means we can also include films from students in their first and second years of study, as well as the final student film projects of our graduating students. Films this year present indecent proposals, uncanny animations, drug-fuelled journeys, ditzy detectives, kidnappings, and messages to (and from) those we have lost.

These young filmmakers are rightly proud of their work, produced across a range of genres and in the midst of huge uncertainty and change. Congratulations to them all."

Jeremy Collins, BA (Hons) PhD.
Course leader, Film and Broadcast Production BA (Hons)


Meet the team

Festival coordinators:

Suzanne Cohen, Lecturer in Digital Filmmaking
Louis Heaton, Lecturer in Digital Filmmaking

Publicity team:

Angelica Jacobs-Grant, Film and Broadcast Production BA (Hons) student
Elliot Banks, Film and Broadcast Production BA (Hons) student
Ekaterina Kozlova, Film and Broadcast Production BA (Hons) student

Festival team:

Natasha Drakakis, Journalism, Film and Television Studies BA (Hons) student
Aston Brain, Film and Television Production BA (Hons) student
Jacob bone, Film and Television Production BA (Hons) student
Oleksiy Andronyak, Film and Television Production BA (Hons) student
Rhanie Al-Alas, Journalism, Film and Television Studies BA (Hons) student
Ananya Gupta, Film and Broadcast Production BA (Hons) student
Zac Cleverly, Film and Television Production (including foundation year) BA (Hons) student


Spencer Samuel, Technical Director

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