Thursday 1 December

Thursday 1 December 2016

The Cass Making a Living event involves a huge series of career lectures curated by staff, and is open to art, architecture and design students from all over The Cass, from any year or course.


How to Find a Placement Careers Services 10–11am CM3-15, Calcutta House
Crowdfunding - how to get kickstarted Accelerator 10.30–11.30am CCG-02, Old Castle Street
Job Searching for Architects Careers Services 1-2pm CE1-16, Central House
Being Out in the Industry Toby Winteringham 11am-12pm CCG-02, Old Castle Street
Presentation Skills Justin Melican 11am-12pm GSB-01, Goulston Street
Costing Your Work Accelerator 12-1pm CCG-02, Old Castle Street
Interiors Portfolio Surgery --- 12-3pm 2nd Floor, Calcutta House
How to Set Up a Photography Business Accelerator 2-3pm CE1-19, Central House
Oli Stratford of Disegno --- 2-3pm CCG-02, Old Castle Street
Adrem for Interiors Del Hossain 2-3.30pm GSB-01, Goulston Street
Social Media - how to use it to your advantage Accelerator 3.30-4.30pm CCG-02, Old Castle Street
Open Field Closing Event Louise Sayarer 4-7pm CE2-01, Central House
Redundant Architects Recreation Association (RARA) and Calais Kids Space RARA 6pm CE1-16, Central House
Narrative Contexts - London International Animation Festival (LIAR) LIAR 6.30-9pm Bank Gallery, Central House
Narrative Contexts

Pick of the Day

Talk Narrative Contexts
Time 6.30-9pm
Location Bank Gallery, Central House

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