Unscoping Animals

Rosemarie McGoldrick, Head of Fine Art at The Cass, to present artist's talk at The Political Animal event

Rosemarie McGoldrick who leads the Fine Art subject area at The Cass, is giving a talk called Unscoping Animals at The Political Animal event at The Showroom on Saturday 2 September.
The Political Animal is a day of new academic and creative writing, screenings, sculptural and video commissions, and live performances that reflect upon the conditions of interspecies relationships today. Drawing from studies on animal theory, biology, ethology, philosophy, anthropology and literature, each participant presents their own take on locating the human and other animals within worlds that we have come to call ‘nature’ and ‘culture’.

The event presents work by members of The Political Animal reading group, and those who have been their inspiration. Set up by Olga Koroleva in February 2016, the reading group functions in a peer-led, democratic fashion and welcomes people of all backgrounds to join a monthly discussion of written work relating to the animal question.

Other participants include: Melanie Jackson, Filipa Ramos, Lynn Turner, Alexandra Anikina, Matthew Beach, Jenny Brady, Laura Cooper, Carl Gent, Dawn Gaietto, Olga Koroleva, Gui Pondé, Sonia Levy, Jennet Thomas, Hermione Spriggs, Laurie Robins, Matterlurgy (Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright), Robbie Judkins, Valinia Svoronou, Elisa Noguera Lopez. The full programme is available here

Rosemarie McGoldrick is a sculptor and installation artist. She is Course Leader for BA Fine Art at The Cass. A champion of animal rights, one of Rosemarie’s research interests is in understanding how the making and the curating of contemporary art now meets the animal-human in praxis. She devised and developed The Animal Gaze Returned research project and exhibition supported by The Cass.
Bookings for the event are free, but restricted to 60 seats and can be made via Eventbrite here.  The talk will also serve as a pre-run/trial for a paper Rosemarie will be giving at the global Minding Animals conference in Mexico City next January and a chapter about wild animals she is writing for Re-imagining Rurality.

Event details

Date Saturday 2 September, 1.30pm- 7.30pm
The Showroom
63 Penfold Street