World-class theatre company Complicite in partnership with BA Theatre & Performance Practice

World-class theatre company Complicite in partnership with BA Theatre & Performance Practice

Date: 21/05/2014

The new BA Theatre & Performance Practice course at London Met is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Complicite, the company celebrated worldwide as a leading maker of contemporary theatre. Founded in 1983 by Simon McBurney, Annabel Arden and Marcello Magni, Complicite's productions have been viewed and studied across the world for over three decades and acclaimed for their innovations in physical performance, devised theatre and an increasingly multimedia language. 

Alongside their award-winning productions, Complicite has also developed a unique outreach and educational programme, the ethos of which is highly relevant to the BA Theatre & Performance Practice course, which emphasises both the value of cutting-edge approaches as those used by the company, as well as theatre's fundamental role as social engagement and participation tool. 

Senior lecturer Jacek Ludwig Scarso says "it is a huge pleasure for our team to reinforce our existent connection with Complicite, which has been a regular collaborator with our performing arts programme. The plan is to keep nurturing this collaboration, not only having the company's teaching input on the course, but also looking for more and more opportunities for our students to directly experience their work, observe their practice and where possible be involved in their process. I cannot stress enough what a prestigious opportunity this is for London Met and what an honour it is to associate our exciting new programme to a company whose vision has shaped the last few decades of contemporary theatre across the globe".

Poppy Keeling, head of creative learning at Complicite, says "We are delighted to see theatre reinstated at London Met and even more delighted to be able to be part of this new course from the outset. Performance practice is an ever-expanding field and it's great to see the diversity of the field reflected in this course. Complicite has always been an 'experimental' company, making work that has changed what audiences understand theatre to be, and we're looking forward to exploring this, and to finding new ways of making theatre with London Met." 

As the partnership keeps developing, we look forward to providing updates on the exciting prospects that this collaboration promises. For more information on Complicite's work and its past and future productions, please visit their website.