"My experience at London Metropolitan University has been a turning point in my career"

Dr David Rojas Rodríguez, a Visiting Researcher at the University, completed his International PhD in Music Management with the highest qualification in Spain.

Date: 24 November 2017

A London Metropolitan University Visiting Researcher has been awarded the highest Spanish qualification for his doctoral paper which was submitted during his time at the University.

Dr David Rojas Rodríguez was recently awarded ‘International Doctorate’ at the University of Seville with the highest qualification: Sobresaliente Cum Laude (Outstanding with Honours).

Dr Rojas completed the UK component of his international PhD under the guidance and supervision of Dr Milan Todorovic, BA Music Business and Live Entertainment Course Leader at London Met.

Dr Rojas said: “My experience at London Metropolitan University as an International Visiting Researcher has been a turning point in my career.

“I had the chance to research at an institution placed in what is, in my opinion, a key city for Music Management, London.

“The special environment and the research resources that such a city offers in this field, together with specialised supervision and resources offered by London Met, has provided me with a substantial knowledge that has contributed an invaluable international dimension to my work.”

Dr Rojas’ thesis, 'Gestión Musical y Comunicación: El Plan Estratégico en la Nueva Programación Cultural' ('Music Management and Communication: Strategic Planning in the New Cultural Schedule'), explores the professional management of music, with a focus on classical music management in the public sector.

Dr Todorovic said: “David made enormous progress during his time at the University and managed to write the astounding amount of 70,000 words for the international aspect of his thesis.

“David’s Doctoral research is noteworthy. Not only as it sheds light on a distinct set of practices in the classical music sector, but it also introduces a new way of looking at music management through the lens of mindfulness methods exercised by classically trained musicians.”

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