Art workshop with students from Tower Hamlets

The School of Art, Architecture and Design organised a workshop for students from Stepney All Saints.

Date: 21 July 2021

Lecturers from the School of Art, Architecture and Design have collaborated with Tower Hamlets Art Teachers (THAT) to organise an art workshop for Year 9 students at Stepney All Saints. The workshop will encourage the students to take Art and Design for their GCSE’s, carrying on with the subjects for their A-levels.

Within the workshop, the students were asked to imagine a mood board for a ‘club. Many of the students chose to reimagine health and sports clubs, while others imagined fashion and music. 

Kaye Newman, Head of Interiors at London Met, said: “We saw a wonderful array of ideas that thought about the atmosphere, the vibe and the materials. It was great to see such great imagination within the collages. The students' artwork communicated brilliant ideas.”

The students who took part have been invited to be a part of studio reviews in 2022, where they will have the opportunity to experience university life.