Changes to the PGCE programme in the light of the Core Content Framework

Changes to the PGCE programme are as follows:

  • ECT Induction Profile: This document (previously known as ‘IYP’, Induction Year Profile) has been upgraded to reflect some of the requirements of the ECT programme. It is a summary of strengths and areas for development for the trainee to bring to their new employer school as a starting point for the ECF programme.
  • Trainee Progress Booklet and assessment procedures: We will be introducing some further adaptations to the new Trainee Progress Booklet, which was introduced for the current academic year. This contained many of the responses to the new framework, some of which did not go as far as they needed to. The assessment procedures are also being overhauled to reflect a greater expectation for formative assessment throughout the year, with less emphasis on summative assessment against the Teacher Standards until towards the end of the programme.
  • Mentor Meetings – new expectations: There will be a new format to the mentor meetings, to ensure that mentors and trainees are engaged in the type of developmental thinking required within the core content. This has always happened to some extent, but will be made more clear, as an expectation. As requested at the Partnership Steering Group meeting last week, the overview of training sessions and requirements will be shared with PCMs as well as mentors.