Please note: This information is provided as a guide only. Some courses may have specialised entry requirements that are listed on the relevant course page. Please check for any additional subject/course specific requirements before submitting your application.

Academic entry requirements

Type of course



Ylioppilastutkinoto/ Studentenexamen (Matriculation Examination Certificate) with an average grade of C/4 or above

Lukion päätötodistus (High School Leaving Certificate) with an average grade of 8 or more

Four-year degree including a foundation year Students who fall slightly below the standard requirements for an undergraduate course may be considered for an available or appropriate foundation year degree programme.

Any one of the following qualifications:

  • Kandidaatti/ Kandidat Bachelors)
  • Kandidaatti/ Kandidat (Professional titles: Ekonomi, Diplomi-insinööri, Arkkitehti, Lisensiaatt Proviisori) (Bachelor of Science in Economics/Technology/Architecture/Pharmacy)
  • Maisteri/ Magister
  • Oikeusnotaari/ Rättsnotarie (lower law degree)
  • Oikeustieteen kandidaatti / juris kandidat (law degree)

You will need an average of grade 2/good/hyva in the scale 1 to 3 or grade 4/erittain hyva/very good or above in the scale 1 to 5. 

Students with Ammattikorkeakoulutukinto [AMK] / Yrkeshögskoleexamen [YHS] (Bachelor's from Polytechnic/University of Applied Sciences) can be considered if they have relevant work experience.

International Foundation Programme

An average of B or 3 and above in Ylioppilastutkinto (Matriculation Examination Certificate) or an average of 7.0 or more in Lukion päätötodistus (Upper Secondary Completion Certificate)

Mathematics and English requirements




Ylioppilastutkintolautakunta / Studentexamensnämnd (Matriculation Examination Board) on behalf of Opetushallitus - OPH / Utbildningsstyrelsen (The Finnish National Agency for Education) with grade 4 /Cum laude approbatur (C) plus speaking 8. This test does not include a speaking/oral element, therefore we are unable to confirm B2 in all four components unless the applicant also shows a grade of 8 from either of the below assessments:

  • Recommended grade 8 in General Upper Secondary (Lukion päättötodistus / Avgångsbetyg från gymnasiet) and/or
  • Recommended grade 8 in Separate Oral assessment (separate certificate) 

For those who do not meet this requirement, please see our English language requirements.

Mathematics (if applicable to your course)

Grade B/3 or above in Ylioppilastutkinto (Matriculation Examination Certificate) or maths with grade 6 or above in Lukion päätötodistus (Upper Secondary Completion Certificate)


Additional information

‌NARIC and accreditation

UK NARIC offers a variety of services on the comparability of qualifications from overseas. These services have been designed to help migrants coming to the UK to work or study and who are applying through the UK’s points based system for immigration. Take a look at the Statement of Comparability from NARIC. 

Providing your qualifications

Please be sure you're able to provide copies of official certificates of any qualifications you have taken when you make your application (please do not send us your original certificates)If any of your certificates or supporting documents (transcripts) are in a non-English language you will need to provide certified English translations alongside any official copies.